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Game Paisa Ladki Hindi Movie 720p HD Download - Torrentz2

Game Paisa Ladki Movie in Hindi 720p Download

Are you looking for a Bollywood thriller erotic movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat? If yes, then you should check out Game Paisa Ladki movie in Hindi 720p download. This movie is produced by Atul Patel and released on 21 September 2018. It stars Zakir Hussain, Sitaram Panchal, Ashraful Haque (actor) and Sezal Sharma in the lead roles. Zakir Hussain plays the role of a psycho lover who is obsessed with a young innocent girl named Nazuk (played by Sezal Sharma). She has seen lots of struggle in her life and lost her love and her family. Her struggle brought her in a situation where she becomes a keep of an underworld don Pathan (played by Zakir Hussain). Pathan works for his mentor Waghela (Ranjeet). Waghela's son Sandy (Naveen Prabhakar) has some interest towards Nazuk. By then her previous love interest (Raaj - Played by newcomer Dipansh Garg) again comes in her life. Both of them planned to snatch the entire money from Pathan and Waghela and they succeed. But Nazuk has some other plans in her mind - and she fulfils her dreams according to her plans alone. The movie is full of suspenseful twists, stellar performances, catchy songs, and

Game Paisa Ladki movie in hindi 720p download


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