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High Quality Download Indecent Desires Game [v0.20] Walkthrough

Solid game. But I would have missed a few things without tips from a walkthrough. Especially with Monique at the beach. Pity you cannot use Sarah/Alexander/Aiko recording to have a scene both with Sarah and later with Aiko. Had to sacrifice Sarah's scene, althoufh anything with her is best! But there is more content with Aiko/Kate. MC could have made a copy of the recording and used on Sarah later. Devs should keep this in mind. Yeah, and keep that trap trash out of this game.

Download Indecent Desires Game [v0.20] Walkthrough

Download Zip:

Question for ya Adrian. The walkthrough is a little unclear in regards to the "Chloe's bitch" criteria. I can't talk to her about working for her. I started a new game thinking it had to do with working for Trevor, so this time I'm not working for Trevor and just making my money off of the Memory Game after I took 150 for the adjustable wrench.However even this is proving to be an issue. I'm just hunting for that sissy content or at least the start of that path, I had all my hopes pinned on the Aunt or Monique figuring it was a practical certainty what with all the blackmailing going on, I just really figured it was a way for them to get back at you... Which, on a sidenote, would be a pretty cool path NOT resulting in you getting kicked out of Aunties home, because you're her special little bitch..? Wishful thinking I suppose... However, if that's not the case, it seems like one hell of a missed opportunity.Anyways, what am I missing with Chloe? I've been boinked by her like 5 times now and have had 4 BJs from her but still no change in dialogue options or prompts.Also, the getting caught after panties in the hamper isn't working, even if you go on that girls specified day it's still just that usual fantasy that the MC has.

So I'm either missing something or found a bug, not sure which but after seeing Aiko with the drinks, I dont see anyone around and going to the map I can't click on anything and it gives me text as if i was in the room. Im on Android and the game downloaded just fine. Also in the night scenes it was so dark I couldn't see a thing even with my screen brightness all the way up is there a way to make it brighter?

There are multiple femdom scenes in the game. Most likely there is going to be at least one femdom path for all the characters in the end but at the moment you can try the one with Aiko. There are multiple femdom scenes with her. You can try to get the step by step walkthrough available on patreon/subscribestar if you want to check all the paths. 041b061a72


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