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Stick Em Up

Stick 'Em Up is a desktop sticky notes application, similar to Apple's Stickies application which is included in Mac OS X. Stick 'Em Up lets you create notes in different colours and sizes that can contain rich text and graphics. With Stick 'Em Up you group your notes in to categories, only the notes in a selected category are shown on screen. You can navigate your categories via the application menu, keyboard commands, the dock icon menu, or with a small categories list window. You can import your notes from Apple's Stickies application, plain text, rich text html and word files. You can print in a variety of styles and export to a variety of formats

Stick Em Up

My name is Michael Celani, and I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like all unemployed tech workers with a MacBook, I've adhered plenty of things to my laptop's lid. I've got it all: logos for Linux distributions, political statements, a popular reference to Friends, my favorite Pokémon, this cool dragon sticker a friend was handing out, and a QR code that just sends me your credit card number when you scan it.

I love stickers so much that I covered up the top, bottom, and sides of my laptop with them, and now I can't open it and use it as a computer anymore. That's why I've enlisted the help of Muldrotha, the Gravetide, the best sticker commander. She's head of this list because it would infuriate more of my opponents I had no better ideas she's the easiest way to exploit the biggest major benefit of stickers. Let's go!

Before we begin, we need to understand what a sticker is, and how. When you start the game with this deck, you'll have a small pile of sticker sheets with various abilities, names, art, and power/toughness combinations on them. When a card instructs us to put a sticker on something, we can pay the sticker price of a sticker on those sheets using our , or ticket counters, to apply it to a nonland permanent we own. Stickers act like Auras, as they grant abilities or stats to an object, but unlike Auras, they stay attached to that object as long as it stays in a visible zone. If a stickered creature dies, it stays stickered in the graveyard, and it stays stickered on the stack when Muldrotha casts them from the graveyard.

The benefits of this will become much more obvious once we meet The Team: the set of stickers we've picked. However, let's take a quick look at the cards that actually let us play with them in the first place.

The problem with stickers, of course, is that the rules for them in Constructed are as much of a joke as Unfinity itself is. In Commander, we need to come prepared with ten separate sticker sheets, which is fine; however, we then need to randomly select only three of them to play the actual game with. Come on, Wizards! This is supposed to be a game about deckbuilding, not a game about how I follow the Commandments. (Ooh, thou shalt not commit adultery isn't on the menu today!)

What this means is that we're going to need to put together The Team: ten sticker sheets that we'll always be able to win with, no matter which three end up chosen. We'll also need to build our deck to handle The Team we choose, and the best way to handle that is to go through each sticker sheet. It's time to meet The Team:

Though the haste won't be extremely useful, being able to cast a permanent from your 'yard for just two additional life is the single best sticker in the game and it makes Eldrazi Guacamole Tightrope a great inclusion for aggressive and speedy combos. If you're aiming to get a ton of mana out of a Lotus Petal, cards out of Mishra's Bauble, or you're simply trying to win with Serrated Scorpion and Phyrexian Arena or Gray Merchant of Asphodel, there's no better sheet to draw. Eldrazi Guacamole Tightrope is also notable for having a 5-power sticker for just three, making this a decent combo with Marionette Master, too.

Though not as explosive as some of the other sheets, Deep-Fried Plague Myr is a jack of all trades on offense and defense. There's a decent three-ticket 4/5 sticker here, and its four-ticket 8-power one is incredible value. Making your sacrifice targets or Evokers also blow up artifacts and enchantments will keep your opponents off their game for long enough to capitalize on your boosted power. Nested Shambler is great with this sheet in particular, since it's got a good combo of sacrifice enhancement and power boosting.

This is one of the best individual sticker sheets. Cheap 6-power sticker aside, that four-ticket destruction ability makes Giant Mana Cake deadly when combined with any of your free artifacts, such as Lotus Petal. While that first ability seems less than useful, don't count it out just yet: Cauldron Familiar is back from the hell that is Throne of Eldraine Standard, and this time, he's his own oven so long as you have a Viscera Seer to help him out. God help your enemies if you get this and Eldrazi Guacamole Tightrope in the same game.

This sticker sheet just dispenses tons of resources for you to use throughout the game. Sacrificing a permanent to draw two cards is obviously fantastic for such a recursive deck, and attacking to Proliferate isn't too bad either when paired with an unblockable attacker or creatures with counters on them. And though the 8/7 sticker is pricey, this is another sheet that combos well with Nested Shambler and Syr Konrad, the Grim, especially since it provides the sac outlet, too.

A very defensive-leaning set. You're going to want to slap hexproof on Muldrotha as fast as possible to keep your opponents at bay, while the +X/+X ability does have some utility with the many artifacts that the deck runs. Enough spells in a turn should be enough to get a kill off of Blighted Agent, but you should try to win with other sticker sheets first.

Persist on arbitrary permanents is incredibly powerful; whether it's infinite death triggers (and all the lands out of your deck) with Rampant Rejuvenator, or extending that to the whole board if Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is in play, or just an instant kill with Triskelion, you'll have a silver bullet to handle almost any situation. Even if you just end up using the Persist for value, that 10/10 sticker is still beautiful. Imagine taking down your opponents one headshot at a time with Blighted Agent.

This final sheet has an amazing seven-power sticker for just three tickets, but don't let that overshadow the rest of the card: look at that first ability sticker! Turning your Tormod's Crypt into basically Regrowth as well is absolutely absurd value. Just resist the urge to try and put the stickered card itself back into your hand: your hand isn't a public zone. No Lotus Petal loops here, unfortunately.

If you're not a believer in stickers, I don't blame you. But this, out of any How They Brew It, benefits the most from playtesting. Seriously, give it a shot. You'd be surprised how consistently you can assemble some wacky kills. After that, check out the Discord and my other projects at my website to vote for my next deck. Remember, you have the power to make me write about more mechanics people viscerally hate. See you then!

Trainers we have talked to in the industry (who actually get paid for it) have told us that an animal should only have one trainer or they can get confused. This goes for teaching the behavior, not cueing it. Anyone should be able to cue a behavior. Well, my thinking on this was that I wanted to teach Hymie "stick 'em up" (putting his wings stretched out into the air) and I figured it was different enough from the spin training Dave was still doing with the chopstick that he could separate the two just fine. I came to my own conclusion it wouldn't confuse him to learn something from me.

Now, the stick em up trick is putting a natural behavior on cue and then shaping it for Hymie, because when he is excited he lifts both wings a little. He was hanging out on a perch (which he has finally learned to be content on by the way) and once his wings raised, I clicked and gave him a pine nut. 041b061a72


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