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Plant Systematics Michael G Simpson Pdf 107

If you are interested in learning more about plant diversity and/or about the systematic and phylogenetic methods we use to understand organismal diversity, you might consider taking my spring semester course, Plant Systematics (BIOL 323/324). Although the focus of the course is on flowering plants, the concepts and methods that students learn are applicable to most organisms. We cover a wide range of topics, including morphology, taxonomy, nomenclature, phylogenetic methods and theory, biogeography, speciation, hybridization, and character evolution. The lab portion of the course involves significant field and lab components. For example, students learn how to work with next-generation DNA sequencing data to reconstruct the evolution of plants, and spend some hands-on time learning about the phylogenetic diversity of plants. Once the long Oberlin winter breaks, we head outside and learn more about plant diversity, including important plants of the Ohio flora.

plant systematics michael g simpson pdf 107



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